Project Gallery

Below you’ll find a small sample of installed wall cladding or flooring using Nikolaus Rustic Woodwork reclaimed materials. Reminder – we offer standalone material sales and material + install packages, which is one the most popular customer choice package

Reclaimed Kitchen Renovation: features a reclaimed accent wall + island, floating industrial shelving with 2″ thick rough sawn shelves, custom reclaimed circle sawn oak trim 

kitchen renokitchen reno 1kitchen reno 2kitchen reno 3kitchen reno 4kitchen reno 5


Shiplap Fireplace:

shiplap fireplace 1shiplap fireplace 2 - copyshiplap fireplace

Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood Reception Desk – Commercial

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Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood Ceiling – Residential

reclaimed ceiling 2reclaimed ceiling

Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood – Commercial: 

  • Reclaimed feature wall with matching reclaimed reception desk with custom crafted Black Walnut caps.



Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood – Kitchen Backsplash: 

  • Came with matching trim and a live edge black walnut slab for a shelf!


Reclaimed Weathered Wood Feature Wall – bathroom: 


Reclaimed Mixed Hardwood Feature Wall: 




Reclaimed Red Pine Feature Wall: 

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