Nikolaus Rustic Woodwork has a vast portfolio of completed projects delivered to countless satisfied customers, both residential and commercial alike. Whether you’re looking to commission custom furniture of all styles or update your entire space with wall cladding – we’ve got your back.

Building custom, quality furniture to match your vision and interior design. If you see something you like, we can duplicate it; if you have a combination of images you’d like to merge to create your perfect vision – that is our specialty, so have at ‘er. 

Keep in mind we do a variety of projects including home decor (wall hangings, flags, Wisconsin Signs, blanket ladders, sofa trays, mason jar vases, etc.) all the way up to entire room coordinations (reclaimed wall cladding with matching dining room tables, chairs, and barstools and kitchen islands)….and really, anything in between. For a detailed gallery of some of our completed projects, please click the appropriate links below!

FURNITURE PORTFOLIO (follow links below)

Farmhouse Tables 

Bedroom Sets + Headboards

Living Room + Barn Doors

Entryway Accents

Home Decor + Shelving

Kitchen + Bath

Outdoor Furniture