Striped Oak Dining Table

This striped dining table was commissioned for a high-end interior design company in Milwaukee, WI – the process was detailed and a lot of fun! Catch a glimpse into a bit of the process that went into creating this intricate piece:

The top was made of separate individual pieces of mixed red and white oak. We oiled the top to bring the natural grain and colors of each piece to life. The base is made from black walnut, and stained to provide a dramatic contrast to the unique nature of the top. The base’s angled frame adds to the overall aesthetic of this distinctive table.

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Want a custom table of your own? Contact us to get started!

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mke progress tablemke progress table 2mke progress table 3mke progress table 4mke progresmke progress table 9mke progress table 6mke progress tablmke progress tabmke progress table 5


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