Follow Us! Kip > Brian

Some days you’re the Bad Luck Brian, some days you’re the Kip….as far as we go, we’re shooting for Kip. And beyond. Big dreams brewing here people.

Okay but really, at this point you’re probably wondering what we’re even talking about; well, here it is: we’re hoping our wonderful supporters can do us a favor –> go ahead and just click “Follow” for us on Twitter and Pinterest! As it is for any small business, we need the help of our loyal customers and awesome followers to help us make a bigger imprint and expand our reach online. We are now on Pinterest and Twitter and would absolutely love and appreciate if you could follow us on both! THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU for helping us grow our business! #smallbusiness #nikolausrusticwoodwork #thanksforyoursupport #stayuptodate #twitter #pinterest

Click here for Pinterest.   [Nikolaus Rustic Woodwork]

Click here for Twitter [@NikolausRustic]


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